Need a new logo or revisions to an existing one? PixiPrism works with you to create gorgeous, fully-scaleable vector logos and monograms.


Don’t settle for cheesy graphics. PixiPrism has designed dozens of business cards, advertisements, stationaries, and more for large and small businesses alike at very affordable prices.


The internet is bustling with ads and banners. A lot of them are utilitarian, and lack aesthetics. PixiPrism creates banners, ads, slideshows & presentations that look professional, look beautiful and resonate with consumers.

Photo Retouching

There’s a lot of poor Photoshopping going on out there. PixiPrism offers professional Photoshop retouching for eyes, skin, hair, backgrounds and much more to make your photos look superb.



    From every pixel to vector to polygon, PixiPrism helps you see your designs in a whole new light. Having a clear vision of your concept –or helping you create one– through quick renderings, mockups, and sketches is key to creating a memorable product or campaign and PixiPrism is your sherpa throughout the process.



    There is a discussion of your goals, time frames, and other valuable information about your project.


    We research your company, demographic audience, and a multitude of other factors to ensure the best results for your project.


    We brainstorm, run ideas by you, regroup, drink a cup of coffee, and discuss with you rough sketches, and ideas.


    With the brain juices flowing, we begin to create your design based on all the research and discussions we’ve had with you.

    Final Handoff

    This is the part you’ve been waiting for –where you get your finished product and all the files associated with it.

    Refine the Design

    At this point we’ll tackle any issues or concerns you might have and work to fix them.

    What People are Saying about PixiPrism

    Chris helped me brainstorm ideas for my logo and we decided that modern and simplistic was the way to go. He selected a few fonts that we could begin with and I picked a simple one without any frills. He went in and did his magic in Illustrator and came back with a completely customized logo with my name. Very pleased and would definitely recommend.

    Jennifer GeorgescuFine Art Photographer

    We heard about Chris through someone he did a project for that we knew at the Moraga Country Club and so we enlisted him to help us redo our outdated logo. We soon discovered he also did professional photography and asked him to help us with photographing the homes we have completed construction on for our website. This guy is a jack of all trades and is really pleasant to deal with. We will continue to ask for his help.

    Helena SingelstadVP of Singelstad ConstructionSingelstad Construction
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